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About Mound City Bank

Mound City Bank began operations as a state-chartered bank on February 18, 1915 in Platteville, WI. The founders of the bank mirrored the 4,500 residents of the City of Platteville, representing both farming and business interests. Their fierce independence and commitment to community remains the cornerstone of the bank's philosophy even today. Seeing a need for these same services, Mound City Bank established a branch in Belmont, WI in 1935.

Mound City Bank has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a $55,000 total asset bank in 1915. Today with assets of over $360 million, six locations and over 65 full-time equivalent employees, we are "Proud to Be Here for You” building lasting relationships with our premier financial solutions.

  • Client:Mound City Bank
  • Completed on:5/21/2018
  • Category:Financial Institutions - Banks
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