If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is video worth? Get through to your potential customers with the most efficient way to get your point across. We offer professional video services and can transform those videos into Youtube, Facebook or Instagram video ads.

Along with being able to use these videos for ads, you can also upload them to your social networking channels or your website at no additional cost.

We offer two different types of video ads: bumper and full-length ads. Find out more about them below.

We offer a free consultation to any business who would like our input on how to best utilize digital advertising.

Full Length Ad

You're a business owner with a message to get across to a specific demographic of people. With the power of digital video ads, you can target exactly who you want to without spending money on people who won't be interested in your product or service.

Your ad can show up in a variety of places. Want to show a skippable ad before a Youtube video? We can do it. Want your ad to show in the Facebook news feed? We've got you covered.

Bumper Ads

Sometimes what your business needs is brand awareness. The easiest and most cost effective way to do that is a bumper ad.

Bumper ads are 6 second ads that play on Youtube before the video that the person was going to watch. Although short, you can still get your branding and short message across in 6 seconds.

Like traditional ads, you can target specific audiences of people that you'd like to see your ad.