Website Design

Website Development & Maintenance

Professional Design

All of our websites are both easy to use and professional looking. Not only will you be on the web, but you'll also have a cleaner and more professional website than your competitors.

Mobile Ready

Mobile devices are more and more frequently the tool your customers are using. Your website will not only look great on a monitor, but we'll develop for mobile devices to make the optimal viewing experience no matter what.

Unlimited Customization

You dream it, and we can do it. Your imagination is the limit. We start with a base template and we can customize every single detail to your liking.

Amazing Performance

We design each page to be as efficient as possible. We also use Microsoft Azure for our web host, so your website doesn't share a server with thousands of other websites. This allows your website to load much faster.

Search Engine Friendly

We're constantly developing with Search Engines in mind. We use the Google Search Console to spot areas of improvement and we act on them. Even if it's months (or years) after the initial launch.

Website Maintenance

We won't hang you out to dry after your website is up and running. We offer low-cost maintenance services to keep your site up to date with your changing business.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Leverage the power of the web to reach more customers.

Platteville Web Solutions knows that digital advertising can be the best use of your advertising budget. But as with any form of advertising, it can be a waste of money if done incorrectly. We're here to help.

It can be difficult to know what form of digital advertising is most effective. At Platteville Web Solutions, we are a firm believer that video and media is now and will continue to be the best way to advertise on the web. This is why we recommend digital video ads to most of our clients. With that said, every business is different. We'll work with you to find the best solutions for your business.

We offer a free consultation to any business who would like our input on how to best utilize digital advertising.

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Business Photography

Business Photography/Videography

Professional photos or videos for your products and services. It's never been so simple to get amazing media content on your site.

If you're like most business owners, you want amazing quality photos or videos but don't have the time or experience to do it yourself. That's where we can help. With our professional photography and video services, we'll work with you to get amazing media content for your site.

We will be uploading a portfolio of our past photo/video work, so stay tuned.

Real Estate Tours

Real Estate Tours

Make your listings stand out with stunning photos and video tours

Platteville Web Solutions now offers premium real estate photography and video tour services to help your listing get noticed.

The difference between landing and missing a buyer might be your real estate photos. Now you can stand out with high quality photos and/or video tours guaranteed to make your listing look its best.

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