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About Platteville Business Incubator

The Platteville Business Incubator opened in 2001 and has supported more than 46 businesses, given jobs to hundreds of people and brought millions of dollars of revenue to the local community.

We are prepared to support a wide range of companies including manufacturing, technology, culinary and professional services. We go beyond the usual support services of an incubator and offer both onsite daycare and group insurance to help our tenants in leading healthy, well rounded lives.

Kate Koziol is the Executive Director of the Platteville Incubator and she has worked with entrepreneurial companies for more than 20 years; she founded, scaled up and sold her own company; and she, along with a team of other advisors, brings of wealth of marketing and business operation experience to incubator tenants.

  • Client:Platteville Business Incubator
  • Completed on:1/15/2018
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